"Thank you for letting me see what it feels like to cry happy tears for once".

"I had the best four days of my life. Thank you!"

"You have opened a whole new door in my mind".

"I went there with the expectation to meet and interact with horses and came out with so much more. Learning so much about horses, just LEARNING".

"It was the best experience of my life".

Comments about the Healing Hooves Horses…

" …never in my life has it been so hard to leave something behind. And I didn't think I could ever connect so much mentally with something" (Mocha).

"we shared so much in common. She was kind and affectionate. I felt I could honestly trust Mocha with my life. She's got a great personality and I could not have asked for a better horse/therapy horse. I believe fate brought Mocha to that camp when it did in order for her to change our lives so much. I am so grateful for every moment with her" (Mocha).

"She was quiet and showed she cared about me" (Penny).

"He has his own attitude towards people and he really cared for me. He gave me a lot of hugs (Skye).

"They were loving and trusting to me" (Disa and Oli).

"He and I have a certain understanding for our pasts" (Dubh.).

"My favourite horse is Skye because he was 'soft', he made me feel happy …. I learned that I can make friends and that it is fun to be with other people." - from a 7 year old boy

Comments from clients regarding what they have learned about themselves through coming to Healing Hooves…

"Help is good for me".

"I've learned that I am a gentle person yearning for someone's respect and affection. I've learned that I have things to offer others".

"I grew a bond with people who don't judge me or expect things of me. I have a good bond with myself".

"I learned that all animals and people have stories of their past time they went through. I need to be patient, trust myself "

"I learned many things. I didn't want to trust and I was scared of being happy again. There is a lot more to life than the bad times".

"Horses accept me".

"I learned that I can be good around horses. That animals like me".

"I learned that I need to take time to get to know people before I get close to them"

"I learned that people like me'

Comment about The Healing Hooves Counsellors (two legged)…

"You have helped me so much on my path to happiness. Counselling is rewarding and fun!"

"They were more than just group leaders. They were our friends".

"They were so fun I just enjoyed myself".

"They were very friendly and down to earth. They never made us feel like 'clients'".

"All the volunteers and associates were amazing & friendly"