Our Mission

To nurture our clients' discovery, healing and growth through respectful and ethical counselling services, parent consulting, and professional training, within the context of relationships and interactions with horses and other animals.

Our Vision

A safe and nurturing therapeutic environment providing all those we work with – including our clients, their caregivers, our human and animal partners - with the context, rest and intervention required for healing and growth to arise.

Values and Code of Ethics

The high standards of professionalism at Healing Hooves ensures the safety and well being (physically and emotionally) of our clients and of our animal partners. Our Code of Ethics reflects our values at Healing Hooves while ensuring our high standards are followed.

Anyone working with Healing Hooves clients and/or horses, whether as partner, employee, volunteer or intern is required to read and adhere to this code.

Our Clients.
Our Animal Partners.
Other Professionals.
The Counselling Profession.

With Regards to Our Clients.

  1. We see and appreciate the positive qualities and potential in our clients, not the 'problems' or 'diagnoses' they may present with. Our goal is to help our clients, their parents and others in our clients' lives to do the same.
  2. We continually monitor the progress our clients make and make appropriate referrals if and when this is in the best interests of a client;
  3. We treat all people as equals who are deserving of our respect regardless of their faith, race, gender, sexual preference, age, diagnosis, personal history, education level or economic situation. We recognize and respect the different faiths and beliefs that might be held by clients and will never abuse the power inherent in our position as counsellors by attempting to impose our own beliefs and values upon clients.
  4. We seek to find ways to ensure that we do not turn clients away due to a genuine inability to pay for services.
  5. We ensure the physical and emotional safety of our clients.
  6. We respect and honour the privacy and confidentiality rights of our clients; We inform our clients of the legal limits to this confidentiality and where required to make a disclosure wherever possible do this with the knowledge, participation and cooperation of our client.
  7. We never abuse our power through inappropriate relationships of any sort with our clients.

With Regards to our Animal Partners.

  1. We recognize and treat the horses and other animals we work with as sentient beings and partners worthy of our love and respect, and not as 'property'.
  2. We recognize and respect that animals have thoughts, feelings and souls, and are capable of feeling both physical and emotional pain and suffering.
  3. We respect, admire and cherish the unique personalities belonging to each animal we work with.
  4. We are never physically, verbally or emotionally abusive towards any animal.
  5. We never ask a horse to do work which is physically, mentally or emotionally unhealthy for him/ her.
  6. We provide all our animal partners with all veterinary and other care required for their physical, emotional and mental well being.
  7. We seek opportunities to act as an advocate for encouraging humanity's respectful treatment and regard for all of God's creatures.

With Regards to our Other Professionals.

  1. We treat other counsellors, especially those in the same area of practice as ourselves, as colleagues rather than as competitors.
  2. We share resources and ideas with other counsellors.
  3. We treat all other counselors, their ideas and suggestions with respect and courtesy.
  4. We respect differences in counselling approach, style and philosophy and will not try to impose our approach or beliefs as better or more 'right' than anyone else's.
  5. We provide other individuals seeking to work in this area with support, guidance and resources.
  6. We ensure our training workshops are fairly priced and do not take financial advantage of people's desire to learn.
  7. We treat our volunteers with respect and appreciation.
  8. We train at least one intern a year through the Healing Hooves program, and do not accept payment for this service.

With Regards to the Counselling Profession.

  1. We continuously assess our own professional strengths and weaknesses and will strive for ongoing improvement through continuing education and training.
  2. We do not misrepresent ourselves by claiming or implying credentials or experience that we do not have.
  3. We follow all legal and professional regulations with regards to scope of practice and business.
  4. We do not engage in any personal or other conduct which causes any harm to the reputation of our profession.
  5. We strive to help advance overall learning and standards in the profession by participating in ethical and relevant research projects and by contributing to the professional literature.

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