To bring healing, insight and hope to families, individuals and professionals through the healing power of the human animal bond.

Our trained counsellors, therapy horses, dogs and cats look forward to meeting you!


Recent Updates and resources available

Therapeutic Stories: Now available for free download
Access a selection of our children’s books exploring themes such as fear and anxiety, and holding on to those we love while apart, free of charge

Introductory Training: Now Online  
Our introductory professional training in Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy is now available online and is available for you to start today!

New Blog Article: (Horse) Play in a Pandemic
Learn why play is so critical right now, and how our animals can help us find more of this.




Professional training workshops and resources in equine and animal assisted therapy leading to national certification with Pro EFW 

Counselling Services

Individual and family therapy with certified counsellors trained in equine therapy, animal assisted therapy, attachment theory and trauma approaches.


Therapeutic children’s books and parenting resources explore themes incl. relationship repair, emotional expression, resilience and recovery from loss. 

Our counsellors and animals can help you heal, learn, and grow

You, or someone you love, may have learned that the world is not a safe place and that people are not to be trusted – it may have simply become safer to stop caring, to stop feeling, to stop believing in yourself or in others. 

Working with our trained therapy horses and other animals can help you trust again, and to gradually risk feeling again; to give you hope for a brighter tomorrow.

We can help you heal, and to deepen and secure your relationships with those you love – and with yourself. 

We guide and support other professionals interested in developing careers in Animal and Equine Therapy to facilitate and share this healing and growth with more people.


“A place where I can be myself…” Kayliegh

“Truly a Place of Healing …”  Kathy

“The wisest and best decision I ever made …” Rhonda and Wendy

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