Accessing Services

Accessing Services

If you’d like to access training or mentoring in Equine and/ or Animal Assisted Wellness services you can find all of this information on our Training and Workshops page

For our counselling services, individuals, parents and families can self refer to Healing Hooves. No prior experience with horses is required.

The first step to exploring whether one of our programs fits your needs is to complete our intake questions.  We have several different programs and professionals at Healing Hooves and this will allow us to assess which one may be the best fit for you.  If our program is not the best fit we will try to provide you with a referral to one that is.

When working with children/ teenagers the next step would be a phone or in person intake session with the parent/s (not your child at this stage). If parents can come here in person it is definitely our recommendation as it gives you the added advantage of being able to have a look around our facility, meet our counsellors, and the animals, and decide whether it feels like a good fit. Before doing this we ask that you complete our consent forms for every family member who will be coming onsite or participating in phone or zoom sessions with us.

We don’t usually recommend equine therapy for children under the age of six.  For our younger clients we will often incorporate aspects of animal assisted play therapy.  Please note that we do not work with mandated clients. That being said many people who are not willing to attend other programs are more willing to give it a try when animals are a part of the team.

After that if we feel that our program may be a good fit for your family, the next step would be to bring your child here for their own individual session. We work from a strong attachment perspective and like to involve and empower the parent/s as much as possible. This may mean supporting you in how you can support your child, parent consults to help you understand and address the concerns regarding your child, and/ or involvement in some of their sessions.

For Adult Clients our intake process is similar.  We ask that you provide us with some general information to allow us to determine if our program is a good fit for you and then we invite you to book a first session, which is usually in person although we do also offer sessions by phone and zoom.

Our session length is either one hour or 90 minutes – we usually recommend 90 minute sessions when the client is over 12 years old.  Sessions are usually outside and/ or in the indoor arena with the horses although when it is cold we can also work in the heated office with the cats. While with the horses, riding can be an option in time but this is low key and not a huge focus of the sessions – we focus more upon the relationship that develops between a client and horse and the opportunities that arise from this. We also draw on a lot of story telling with and about the horses. 


As of September 1, 2021 our rate for counselling services is $200/ hour plus GST and we do bill for the in person/ phone/ zoom intake session. We provide you with a receipt which you may be able to submit for reimbursement if you have a health insurance plan and/ or for tax purposes.

We do also have various non counselling programs at lower rates.  Completing our intake questions helps us determine which program and professional is likely to be the best fit for your/ your child’s needs.

Funding has been available to our clients through SFP (Supports for Permanency), FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities), McMan Youth, some Family and Community Support Services Associations, and some private insurance plans.

If you are claiming reimbursement through insurance, SFP or FSCD we provide you with a receipt with the required information for these purposes. We are not able to direct bill other than to McMan Youth with prior approval.

We ask that all services be paid for in advance by EMT and we require 48 hours notice for all cancellations.

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