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The Empty Water Trough

Sneak preview of our brand new Therapeutic story! Teased by another pony, Pickle questions why he often gets in such a pickle about things that feel scary. Is there something wrong with him? When the day arrives that the water trough he relies on is empty, Pickle panics. Join the ponies of Healing Hooves as they learn important life lessons about what to do – and perhaps not do – with big and scary feelings.

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The Stories behind the Stories

Introducing a simple and effective way to help those you care about benefit from the human animal bond. Our new blog series explores how, why and when to select, read and draw upon therapeutic stories – either as a parent or grandparent with your own kids, or as part of a teaching or therapeutic practice.

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Attachment Theory

This explanation and review of attachment theory explains a key aspect of the theory underpinning the approach followed at Healing Hooves. It is a good read for anyone interested in attachment theory, whether as a part of an equine therapy approach or elsewhere.

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