Earlier this year I polled some graduates and current trainees of the Healing Hooves training program in equine and animal assisted therapy and these are just some of the questions they told me new people entering the Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy field need answers for.

I have answered these and other questions for you in a series of articles within the Healing Hooves Blog.

For each question you will find a quick answer for those of you who are super busy or prefer to skim, followed by a more in-depth answer for those of you looking for that.

If you have a question which has NOT been answered in this series, or if my answers create new questions for you, post these as a comment at the end of one of the blog articles and I will endeavour to answer them.

If you’d like some answers right away, watch this short video from the TV series, Wild about Animals:

Our first article in this series: What is Equine Therapy? covers some key terminology and clarifies what we mean by Equine Therapy.

What about you? If you have any questions you’d like to make sure we answer in this series please use the comments section below!

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