Healing Hooves 2024 Training Program – Registration Form


Training NameOnline DatesOnsite DatesStandard rates
(Pro-EFW recommended)  As of Jan 1 2024

HH Early Bird Rates and Deadlines
As of Jan 1 2024

Exploration TrainingJan 20 – March 2 2024n/a$650 plus tax$595 plus GST
December 31, 2023
Foundation TrainingMarch 9 – May 4
8 weeks
June 1-2, 2024 OR
July 16-17
$1,750 plus tax$1,600 plus GST
Feb 9, 2024
Focus TrainingJune 3 – July 29
8 weeks
July 19-21, 2024$1,750 plus tax$1,600 plus GST
May 3, 2024
*Discounted rate for both Foundation and Focus training  $3,300 plus tax$3,100 plus tax
Feb 9, 2024

Group Mentoring Day

Audit Foundation Training

Online platform available in advance

May 25th 2024

June 1 and/or 2

$325 plus tax$295 plus Tax
May 7
Integration TrainingAug 31 – Oct 26
8 weeks
Oct 4-6 2024$1,750 plus tax$1,600 plus GST
July 31, 2024


UK Trainings  

Introduction to Equine Facilitated WellnessJan 20 – March 2, 2024Inverness April 5thOnsite only: £225
Online only: £400
Onsite and Online: £450
Onsite only: £175
Onsite and Online: £400
March 21, 2024
Foundation/ Focus/ Integration trainingonline dates as per above (join Canadian cohorts)Inverness April 20-21TBC (will be consistent with Canadian pricing)TBC (will be consistent with Canadian pricing)
Personal Growth Workshopn/aApril 6 2024 in Inverness£195£145
March 21, 2024


Personal Growth Workshops

Personal Growth workshopn/aMay 31 2024
July 18 2024
$325 per workshop$295 per workshop
30 days in advance
Mother Daughter workshopn/aMay 19 2024$350 per Mother Daughter team$325
April 19 2024


Note: For our UK course you will be invoiced in UK£ at the rates quoted above once we receive your registration form and waiver, and you will have the option to pay using your credit card or paypal. We look forward to meeting you in the UK!

Your registration is only complete, and we can only hold your space at a training, once you have completed the online waiver and submitted full payment by EFT to sue@healinghooves.ca

For UK workshops:  I will send you an invoice in UKP which you can pay by through paypal. 




Terms, Conditions and Logistical Information for Healing Hooves Trainings and Workshops


Payment Policy

‘Early bird’ rates apply when full payment is received by EFT to sue@healinghooves.ca on or before deadlines stated in this registration form. Payment plans, credit card payments and later payments are subject to availability (trainings tend to fill quickly) and at a higher rate. If a participant has an agreement to hold their space at a training course with the payment of a deposit, this deposit is required to be a minimum of 25% of the total Pro-EFW recommended course fee and is non-refundable, and the balance is payable in full 60 days prior to the training course start date.


Cancellation Policy – please read before registering for a training or workshop!

A cancellation fee of 25% of the Pro-EFW recommended registration fee for the training course is charged for all cancellations which arise more than 60 days prior to the training course commencement date. For cancellations between 30 and 60 days prior to the training course commencement date the cancellation fee is 40% of said rate. For cancellations less than 30 days prior to a training course commencement no refunds or carry forwards of your fee to subsequent trainings are available. Due to the high staff to participant ratio and small training group sizes there are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. Training commencement dates are the first day of the online component of the course. If Healing Hooves needs to cancel an onsite training, we will give participants as much notice as is feasible and the onsite portion of registration fee paid by each participant will be refunded in full or transferred to an alternate date. Healing Hooves’ liability in such a case is limited to the onsite portion of the registration fee paid by each participant. Onsite trainings are not cancelled in the case of bad weather as we have indoor facilities.


Online Training Components

All the Healing Hooves trainings include an online component which is available to registered participants through a members-only section of the Healing Hooves website.  Links to access the training course will be sent to each participant on or before the course commencement date, provided registration and full payment has been made. All our online training courses have experiential exercises to complete and report upon, personal reflections, group discussions, and a defined timeline. To meet Pro-EFW certification requirements, Pro-EFW require all experiential components to be completed with an equine. If you do not have access to an equine arrangements can be made to complete these experiential components of online training courses in person at Healing Hooves for an additional fee.  To receive your certificate of completion you will be required to participate in and complete all parts of the course within the stated timeline. Online courses will close, and material no longer be available, a maximum of one month after the final submission deadline.


Training Pre-requisites

There are no pre-requisites to attend the Exploration training. Subsequent trainings need to be completed in order (Exploration, then Foundation, then Focus, then Integration) and, if you are pursuing certification with Pro-EFW they specify several requirements prior to completion of Focus and Integration training. Pro EFW will allow you to complete Explorations training with one trainer and switch to a different trainer for Foundation training.  Once you have completed Foundation training you cannot switch trainer without recompleting your Foundation training with the new trainer. These and other certification requirements are available on the Pro-EFW website https://www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org/ and are discussed during Exploration and Foundation Training.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they meet all pre-requisites prior to registering and paying for a training with Healing Hooves.



If you are pursuing certification with Pro-EFW they specify a mentoring requirement which is currently ten hours. These requirements are available on the Pro-EFW website https://www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org/ and are discussed during all Healing Hooves Training. Healing Hooves trainings all include a mentoring component within the online courses and trainees can potentially be awarded with up to two hours of mentoring for no additional cost provided they participate in and complete all personal reflection, group discussion and optional extra reading and reflection activities.

Healing Hooves also offers individual and group mentoring. Individual mentoring is available to Healing Hooves training participants at a discounted rate of $150/ hour plus GST (subject to change) payable in advance. 48 hour notice of all cancellations is required. Group mentoring is available to training participants once they have completed Foundation training. It is the responsibility of the training participant to keep track of all mentoring hours and activities completed.


Continuing Education Credits

Most of the Healing Hooves trainings are pre-approved for CEC’s by the CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) and the ACSW (Alberta College of Social Workers).  Trainings also frequently qualify for continuing education with other professional organizations and a certificate of attendance is provided for these purposes.



There are many certification programs in place for EFW and AAT in both Canada and the US. A selection of these, including the Pro-EFW program, are discussed and reviewed during Healing Hooves trainings. Sue McIntosh is a triple certified Pro-EFW practitioner, trainer and mentor. Healing Hooves itself does NOT offer or provide a certification program and solely attending Healing Hooves trainings does NOT provide you with any level of certification or accreditation in EFW, AAT or anything else. Healing Hooves and Sue McIntosh are independent of and separate from all the professional associations and other organisations developing and implementing these certification programs.

Healing Hooves trainings have been approved and accepted as meeting parts of training and continuing education requirements for several certifying organisations, including Pro-EFW. However, these programs and their requirements are subject to ongoing change and modification, and any such decisions are made by the relevant association or organisation and are not under the control of Sue McIntosh or Healing Hooves. Many of the associations and organisations charge membership and other fees which are subject to change, are separate from training fees, and are the responsibility of certification candidates. It is the responsibility of the training participant to keep track of any and all certification requirements, fee payments, and of their own progress and eligibility towards meeting any and all of these requirements.


Personal Growth, Boundaries and Emotional Health Considerations

Training programs at Healing Hooves often involve personal growth, but they are not a replacement for counselling, and are not personal growth programs.  Participants are encouraged to respect their own and others’ boundaries.  By registering for a workshop at Healing Hooves you are agreeing to follow the boundaries, for self and other participants, as established by the trainers, and you are certifying that you are emotionally stable and healthy.


Location for Onsite Trainings

The Healing Hooves Facility is close to Cremona, AB and about 45 minutes NW of Calgary Airport. Detailed directions will be provided to registrants in advance of each workshop. We are now also oferring some training options in the UK in partnership with other programs.  Details of UK training sites and options will be provided as they bacome available.



While there are no accommodation options available onsite at Healing Hooves, there are several nearby options: There is a basic motel 5km away in Cremona called the Hawks Nest (403) 637 2185 and a great B&B called Serenity Hills http://www.serenityhillsidebedandbreakfast.com/  who will give you a discount if you mention our name. Otherwise there are a number of options in Cochrane (half hour south) including a Best Western (403) 932 1410 (ask for the corporate rate) or in Olds (40 mins NE) including the Best Western (403) 556 5900. There are also several nearby campgrounds including the Fallen Timber Campground, Elkton Valley Campground and Bottrel Campground.



If you have any questions or concerns, or require clarification or further information, regarding any of the above please contact Sue McIntosh at sue@healinghooves.ca


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