100% of proceeds from our book sales fund EFW Sessions with low income families or help provide care for our therapy herd.

Share the Healing Hooves stories with your child to help you address potential areas of concern in a fun, engaging and non-threatening way, bring you and your child closer, strengthen your relationship, and improve communication.

Grounded in attachment theory and developmental science, each story covers a different therapeutic theme including emotional expression, resilience, recovery from loss, forgiveness, and relationship conflict. They are also simply fun, engaging and amusing stories featuring the animals of Healing Hooves, holding universal applicability to all children and their parents.

More information on how, when and with whom to share these stories is available in our free users guide for parents and professionals

December 2020 Update: While we have included examples of our books below, some people have been experiencing problems ordering through our online shop.  If you’d like to access one of the free downloads available for some of our books, and/ or purchase a  physical copy of one or more books, please e-mail us at for more information. Books are $20 plus GST each, and if you purchase 8 or more we include one for free.  We also have a collection of four stories available for $40 plus GST.  Shipping is charged at cost.

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