A Heavy Load (Hard Copy)


Thor has been bullied by another horse, and feels betrayed by his best friend. He has many reasons not to forgive and forget. Fortunately he has some four legged friends who help him see that while it is important to remember and learn from these events, forgiveness is something quite different.


Share this and the other Healing Hooves stories with your child to help you address potential areas of concern in a fun, engaging and non-threatening way, bring you and your child closer, strengthen your relationship and improve communication. Grounded in attachment theory and developmental science, including the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, each story covers a different therapeutic theme including emotional expression, resilience, recovery from loss, forgiveness, and relationship conflict. They are also simply fun, engaging and amusing stories holding universal applicability to all children and their parents. 100% of Proceeds fund EFW, AAT, Counselling and Parent Support Sessions with low income families.

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