Happy to share our latest therapeutic book featuring the wisdom of the Healing Hooves Herd and the award winning photography of Jeff McIntosh!

This one has a grief and loss focus and could be drawn upon to support anyone facing separation of any sort from a loved one – two or four legged. It could also be helpful for any practitioners navigating the loss of a therapy animal with clients.

I’ll include a sneak preview here for now showing the first few pages of the book. If you’d like a pdf version of the full book (with all the wonderful photos included!) let me know in the comments below and I will happily send this to you to enjoy. We won’t charge anything for this and simply ask that you make a donation of any amount either to Healing Hooves (this can come by EFT to sue@healinghooves.ca) or to any charity of your choice.

If you’d like a ‘proper book’ version please just ask by contacting us in our contact form! The cost for the colour printed book version is just $25 including GST and shipping within Canada.


If you’d like to have a pdf and/ or paper copy of the full book let me know in the comments below!

© Sue McIntosh 2024 (words) and Jeff McIntosh 2024 (Photos)
All rights reserved


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