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It depends on who you train and certify with! The average time to certify with EFW Canada is two or more years, and there is currently no time limit. The cost question is a little harder to answer as there are so many different programs and approaches to choose from. It may be tempting to go with the quickest and cheapest program you can find but, as in most things in life, this is not usually the recommended long-term strategy if you are looking for quality and credibility.

Longer Answer

The EFW Canada process comprises several steps that are described on their website. A popular timeline which allows you to complete the core training within 18 months would be for you to complete the Exploration Training (15 hours distance education plus two days workshop) plus the two weeks (ten days in the Quebec program) of Focus training during the first year. The next year you would complete the internship, supervision and personal growth requirements and attend the final week of training, the Integration Training. You are required to have two hours of supervision, 15 hours of EFW work experience (part of your internship requirement) and to have applied for the EFW Canada certification program before doing the Integration training.

But there is lots of flexibility!

Some people spread out these training requirements over three or more years. It is possible, but usually not recommended, to take all the trainings in one year.

Equine Facilitated Wellness-Canada believe that your learning in EFW is most beneficial when it happens gradually and is allowed to deepen over time. This is something we at Healing Hooves observe in our trainees every year. It is always such an honour to witness and support the growth and increasing depth of insight that our trainees demonstrate over their training journey. This process is greatly enhanced when we build time – to integrate and reflect – in to the process. This also allows you to gain experience, both in EFW through an internship, and in any other areas where you may need a little more experience.


The core training courses required by EFW Canada cost, on average, between $4,000 – $5,000 in total (four courses) to complete depending on who you train with. As noted this is usually completed over two or more years, and some of the programs offer payment plans. There are likely to be additional costs including travel and supervision.

Non EFW Canada Approaches

If you choose a certification program other than EFW Canada there are many more potential answers to both of the above questions. If this applies to you I recommend checking with the website for your chosen certification body (many of these were provided for you as links in our last blog post: Who Should I Certify With in Equine Therapy) to find the most up to date requirements and fees.

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