Welcome to the Healing Hooves Pony Personality Quiz!

This is a short, simple and fun quiz to help you determine which Healing Hooves Pony Personality you are the most like.

Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that fits you best for each question below.  If two fit equally well you can choose them both, but we don’t suggest picking all four each time! 

Then just add up how many of each letter you get to discover your Pony Personality.

Let’s get started!

Q1: How would you spend an unexpected day off work or schoolwork?

A: Call my Mom/ Dad/ Grandma, and do something nice for someone I love

B: Stay at home and read a good book, or take a nap

C: Catch up on work or studying I’m behind on

D: Go on an adventure or try something new


Q2: What do you do at parties?

A: I bring food for everyone and organise icebreaker games

B: I don’t go to parties

C: I try to talk to people then spend the next day analysing everything I said wrong

D: I take selfies with all my new friends


Q3: Are you a leader or a follower?

A: I like to be in charge so I can keep those I care about safe

B: Neither, I live and let live

C: I feel best when someone I trust takes charge of things

D: I like taking charge, but other people don’t always seem to appreciate this


Q4: What’s your texting style?

A: Full sentences, with proper punctuation.

B: Short and to the point K

C: I check them all twice in case auto correct made me say something crazy or offensive

D: Lots of !!! and emojis 😀 😁 😂 🐴🐴🐴🐴🤣 😃😃 !!!


Q5: What are you like when you’re sick?

A: I’m not likely to let you look after me unless it’s really bad. Are you feeling OK?

B: I may get a little grumpy, but I’ll take my medicine if I have to

C: I don’t want to be a nuisance, and please no needles!

D: Is that medicine apple flavoured?


Q6: How do you feel about change?

A: I want to know all the details, especially how it might affect the people I care about

B: Not sure, it depends if and how it impacts me

C: Please don’t change things on me!

D: Sounds exciting!


Q7: When you are worried about something how would I know?

A: I’d tell you I’m worried (but I may not say why)

B: You wouldn’t, I hide it well

C: I’d be chewing my nails, fiddling with my hair, or my pen, or your pen …

D: Worried?  I don’t worry!


Q8: What would you prefer as a gift?

A: A game that everyone will enjoy playing together

B: A comfy sweater

C: A fidget spinner

D: A huge box of chocolates


Q9: What would your first reaction be if you noticed a co-worker or fellow student had been crying

A: I’d grab a box of tissues, sit down and get ready to listen

B: I’d pretend not to notice, they probably need their space

C: I’d wonder what it was I did wrong

D: I’d do something goofy to distract them and make them smile


Now look at your answers, add up which letter you got the most of, and discover your ‘Pony Personality’  below!

You may be a little like two, three or all of the ponies we have described below, or perhaps you are more like one of the others you can meet on our professionals page.  We encourage you to read and reflect on the descriptions below, but to remember this is just a fun quiz and you are the person who truly knows you best.


If you answered mainly A then your Pony Personality is Skye

Skye is a natural and gentle leader who takes his job of caring for his herd and keeping tabs on everyone very seriously.  He is sensitive with big emotions which he usually expresses openly, provided they don’t hurt others. While he can be cautious at times, Skye loves meeting new horses and people, and seems to intuitively know who needs his support and help. As much as these aspects of Skye’s personality are wonderful for his herd and for us, he struggles sometimes to remember and acknowledge that he has needs too. We have to keep encouraging Skye to relax and let us take care of him occasionally!

If you are most like Skye you are probably very good at taking care of (and possibly micromanaging!) those you care about.  But remember that to keep helping others you need to take care of yourself too, and perhaps even allow someone else to take over once in a while!

If you answered mainly B then your Pony Personality is Dubh

Dubh (pronounced ‘Doo’) is a retired athlete who competed at a high level, and we think he is quite enjoying his quieter life at Healing Hooves. When you first meet Dubh you may find him a little aloof or think that he doesn’t want to get to know you.

Dubh is actually a very gentle and caring horse who is just a little shy and takes a while to get to know and to trust new horses and people. Once he trusts you, he is a loyal and reliable friend. Dubh is also very self sufficient, comfortable in his own company and naturally moves to take care of his own needs when he can.

If you are most like Dubh you are probably quite independent and self sufficient. Just remember that others cannot read your mind – you may need to reach out and connect once in a while!

If you answered mainly C then your Pony Personality is Pickle

Pickle is a sensitive pony who worries about lots of things. It is not unusual to see Pickle chewing on his rope or hiding behind his long mane.  Pickle really seems to want to meet new people and horses and to have new experiences but also worries about the whole process – meaning he will often approach and retreat several times. We keep reassuring Pickle that he is loveable, significant and valuable for who he is, not for what he does, and trust that the longer he experiences this the more he will trust in this truth.

If you are most like Pickle you may be a bit of a perfectionist or worry quite a bit about what others think of you. We hope that you keep finding the courage to reach out, try new things and connect with others even though all of this can be scary; and remember that it is normal, and OK, to make a few mistakes along the way!

If you answered mainly D then your Pony Personality is Teddy

Teddy is full of mischief, curiosity and fun!  He loves to meet new people and try new experiences.  Sometimes Teddy does not think things through before trying them which has been known to get him into the occasional spot of trouble, but we know he (usually) has good intentions.    

If you are most like Teddy we bet you are a lot of fun to be with!  We love your energy and zest for life and encourage you to value and hang on to this! Just remember to make space for all aspects and emotions that are a part of life – both in yourself and others.

We hope you had some fun with this quiz!

If you have any feedback on the quiz, or questions for us, please add your comments below or shoot us an e-mail to sue@healinghooves.ca

And if you’d like to learn more about the ponies features in this quiz, and the other animals at Healing Hooves, please check out our professionals page!

We also have a pdf printable version of this test available, which is also geared a little more towards teens and tweens.  Let us know if you would like a copy of this and we will get it to you!

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