Through Horses we are Granted the Grace to Be … and the Space to Become …

What is that so many of us are looking for, and find in the company of a horse?

We need GRACE

We need SPACE ….

And we need to know that WE MATTER

We need to know that someone loves us and will be there for us even – perhaps especially – when we don’t deserve it; when we haven’t earned it. That’s grace.

We need permission, invitation and sometimes a little encouragement to grow into all of our potential, including when that does not always match what others expect or hope for us. That’s space.

And we need to know that we matter to those who matter to us; that this sense of mattering is not contingent upon anything we do, but is simply about who we are, right now, just as we are.

Ideally we receive – and perceive – these three elements from our parents, spouse or other human attachments in our life.  But sometimes we don’t. Sometimes these elements are there but we can’t quite trust them to be real. At those times it may feel safer to receive these things from an animal in our life.

At Healing Hooves we believe that while we need this Grace, Space, and sense of Mattering in our human relationships, when people and life have hurt us it may be easier – safer – to receive them through our relationships with animals.  And that can be a very wonderful place to start bringing much healing, insight and growth.

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