Three Steps a Day: Space, Gratitude and ‘Caremongering’

I made a new commitment to myself today which I’d like to share with you and invite you to join me in, if you’d like.

Each day I’m going to try to do three things. These things won’t stop COVID 19, and they won’t miraculously end our struggles with social distancing or being in isolation. But I’m hoping they will help me get through this difficult time with a little more joy, calm and hope.  And I’d like to share some of that with you.

These are my three steps:

I’m going to make space for whatever it is I’m feeling right now

I’m not planning to dwell in those feelings, to let them take over, or to allow them to dictate what I do. But I will make space; including for the fear, for the frustration, and for the loneliness. Because feelings just are, they happen to us; and denying, ignoring or trying to push them away tends to just make them get bigger and more powerful.

I am reminded here of Carl Roger’s wise words, “When I accept myself just as I am, then I am free to change”. The same applies to our feelings – the more space we make for them, the less space they tend to take up, and the more free we are to let go of these feelings, and perhaps move in to some form of change, healing or growth.

I’m going to find something I am grateful for today

Perhaps for something that has been here all along but I’m only just noticing, and appreciating, now. Or perhaps something that is happening as a result of this pandemic that is good, hopeful and refreshing. Something to be grateful for.

I’m going to reach out and do something to help someone else

Instead of fearmongering I’m going for caremongering, and I’m going to try to put this into practice every day. I have so much to be grateful for and I’m hoping I can allow some of this to overflow into reaching out and caring for someone else who may be struggling.

In all of these things I’m going to turn to my animals as my role models, support and inspiration. I have a feeling that they will regularly be the source of my gratitude, and they may also be where I am able to allow myself to make space for some of those feelings. I anticipate that finding ways to share all they have to offer and teach will be part of how I reach out to help others.

I may not post on this every day but I’m committing – to myself and to you – to do it, and I’ll keep you updated on some of my progress.

If you’d like to join me on my three steps a day I’d love to have your company! Please share any parts of your journey – both the successes and the struggles – in the comments section below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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